Re: Avast: Unable To Remove?

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Per Dustin:
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That did the trick.


Tangential Question:  Is Avast getting more aggressive in selling stuff?
I noted that this install installed DropBox with no option to skip the
Pete Cresswell

Re: Avast: Unable To Remove?

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They are getting a little more aggressive with bundling things, yes.  
However, I have always been able (so far) to avoid installing extras.  
You have to look over each screen very carefully. Do a custom  

You might want to uninstall it again and rerun the installer; and see  
if you can avoid the dropbox installation. It's probably going to be  
a very small checkbox in the lower bottom of the first screen when  
you run the installer. If you don't see it there, opt for custom  
install and pay attention to everything you see; you should find it  
on one of those screens.

As a computer, I find your faith in technology amusing.

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