Re: Abusive posts made to alt.comp.virus (from AIOE) ???

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Cross-posted to acv. (You'll understand WHY, after reading

On Mon, 23 Oct 2006 13:56:40 -0400, "Heather"
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I checked out the Motzarella website. It says:

" provides free read and write access to all
newsgroups. It requires a registration that can be done

So far, so good. :-)

Now, it's VERY IMPORTANT to read their Usenet Abuse FAQ
before signing up with them, because they have a unique way of
dealing with netcops.

Here's what it says:

"Fraudulent complaints received may be copied to the account
that is the target of the complaint should they become
excessive about non-abusive things. By mailing a complaint
about a user that does not violate our policies you agree to
the user receiving a copy. If the user is violating our
policies, the account will be terminated without warning or

IOW, If you complain about a motzarella member who's flaming
you -- or is doing something that motzarella *doesn't* consider
abuse (read their policies!!!) -- be prepared for them to send
a copy of your complaint to the flamer. (Busted.)

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Re: Abusive posts made to alt.comp.virus (from AIOE) ???

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Well, son of a gun!!  I didn't read the fine print, but the above is
absolutely 200% OK with me.  8-)))

What on earth made you check Motzarella out??  And I will say that it is
a lot better than "aioe"....which is down a lot of times.  I also have a
free "read only" one to make sure I am getting all of the posts.  And I

Thanks, Ms Laura.......I think.  I am not quite sure why you are
pointing this out, to be honest.


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