Raid Brags About The 40 Viruses He Has Written

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If it weren't for his own bragging about his ill written viruses,
written with a coding only a step above common BASIC, no one
would have ever heard of this feeble sociopath. Thanks to a few
idiots who worked for AV companies, who, showing all the judgment
of 5-year-olds, thought it amusing day after day to humor this
crazy and hateful sociopathic virus writer in the virus groups.
They helped him gain a certain amount of notoriety for his
amateurish cobbling together of other people's bits and pieces of
malware. The more they laughed at this ignorant script kiddie,
the more he came to believe he was what he thought he was. They
are the ones who fed his oversized ego to the arrogant, over-
extended size it is today.
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The Best of Raid [Slam] aka Dustbin Cook

From: Raid Slam (
 Subject: Re: bugs in f-prot 3.05b ????
 Newsgroups: alt.comp.virus
 Date: 1999/10/07

(Zvi Netiv) wrote:
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Hmm, Not that you'd be biased in your "Verification" or anything.
but since were nitpicking a competitors product; I feel the need to
comment on your software. Perhaps this time, You'll be kind enough to
answer my questions.

1. You complain about f-prot not being able to properly disinfect a few
viruses; Yet your product also suffers from this, And *WILL* destroy
the infected host; if it's infected by any one of the 40 (fourty)
viruses i've written, not including other viruses (which are many).
Your product claims successful disinfection, but running the newly
"disinfected" files shows otherwise. Any comments? F-prot messes up
with a few.. hmm, 3? and yours messes up with greater then 40... Anyone
else see a problem?

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Again, Your product has far more problems with far more viruses then
F-prot. you offer infected users no hope for Toadie, Krile, Termite,
Kremlin, RustBug, etc.

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As are with your product. Your install program still has many bugs.

Perhaps instead of sniping at your competitors; your time would be
better served to improve your product? God knows it could use it.

Raid [SLAM]

Re: Raid Brags About The 40 Viruses He Has Written

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Where did you get the number of 40? I've never specified an exact amount.
Just more bullshit you make up as you go now? :)

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