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I'm having a new computer built at a whitebox shop. The guy there told
me that he didn't recommend Norton because they'd had problems with it.
He recommended eTrust. One of the things he said is that you don't have
to pay an annual fee for the virus updates. Is that true? I saw a
Consumer Reports article that indicated eTrust charges $20 a year for a

Also, I know that eTrust is supposed to be fast and have a small
footprint, but does it do a good job at virus detection? I read
somewhere that it does not scan e-mails unless you open an attachment.
That seems inadequate to me, since my existing Norton AV has on a number
of occasions blocked the klez type virus in my e-mail preview windows. I
had not opened any attachments, yet Norton still caught the virus. Would
  eTrust do that? I read elsewhere that it's not so great with
compressed formats.

I would like to hear from folks what they think of eTrust antivirus and
if I should instruct the shop that's making my computer to install some
other antivirus software. The main thing I'm looking for is excellent
virus detection and low or no annual fee. Plus, of course, I don't want
an antivirus program to cause me problems and headaches. I just want it
to work.

Any comments appreciated.

Jane Hadley

Re: Questions about eTrust Antivirus AKA Jane Hadley on 12/8/2005 in
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If you need a free AV there are a few to choose from(you get what you
pay for).The fees for Kaspersky and NOD32 are not that much and they
have good detection. You should be turning off the preview pane when
you are checking your mail for unwanted messages. Perhaps you should
consider switching to a more secure e-mail client such as Thunderbird.

I have written some pages to help you keep your system free from
malware.(see below)

Virus Removal Instructions: /
Keeping Windows Clean:
Windows Help:
Playing Nice on Usenet:
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Re: Questions about eTrust Antivirus

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You can use etrust you a year.after the year is up uninstall and
reinstall with a different email address,works so far anyway.maybe not a
year from is the link.try it.nothing to lose.RH710 /

Re: Questions about eTrust Antivirus

There are many flavors of eTrust.  This is what  I have ~500 licenses

eTrust antivirus 7.0 does have an annual support fee, but the pattern
file updates are free.  They have an FTP server cluster and it just
does an FTP transfer of the updates.

You have to manually update the software itself.  NAV automatically
does this for you.  We've not had good luck with the last two realtime
drivers they've released and are currently using version 142.  143 and
149 have been the cause of server and workstation crashes per advanced
crash analysis.

eTrust comes with TWO antivirus engines.  Inoculan (previously from
Cheyenne) and VET (From AU)   You select which to use and can flip back
and forth from the tray icon.  Each has it's own pattern file and
updates.  Sometimes one detects newer viruses that the other does not.
   You can use Inoculan for realtime and have VET do scheduled scans.

It does not scan anything other than file access, including network,
CDROM, USB drives, and floppys.   It does not scan SMTP, POP3, NNTP,
nor anything else that NAV scans.

Now there are different versions of eTrust.  Some suites they have will
scan these.   Personally, we use eSafe for FTP/HTTP and SMTP.

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