Question re what virus checking programs actually do?

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I am reading the quick start guide that comes with Trend Micro
Pc-cillian Anitvirus 11, and a sentence in it says that it will:

check for viruses every time you open, copy, move or save a file.

When it says that it "checks for viruses," does that mean that it runs
a scan against its pattern data base?  Can it check with something less
than that?

If an antivirsus runs a scan every time you open every file, which
would include program files, wouldn't that significantly slow down a
system?  Is it necessary to check the same file over and over?  Isn't
there some say to distinguish new files that need checking from old
ones that do not?  Does this vary from one anti virus program to
another?  If so, you would think the program vendors would talk about

Re: Question re what virus checking programs actually do? wrote:
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One would assume a system slowdown, but in practice it doesn't seem to
be a problem. You should be able to turn off this feature, but that
would defeat having a virus checker. Some may be better than others, but
I really can't see a difference using Avira.
I have a desktop program that takes a long time to load, particularly
the first time. On a reload, I measured 7 secs with Avira active, 6 secs
with it turned off. Other apps launch very fast so I don't worry about it.
Dave Cohen

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