Quasi-Malicious Behaviour of Nero 8's NMIndexingSevice

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Perhaps off-topic but I'd very much appreciate some expert
advice. I've been trying to disable Nero 8 Scout and it's
associated service, NMIndexingService, on my XP MCE 2005
desktop (who needs yet another indexing service?). However
something is showing a malware-like persistence in its
attempts to run NMIndexingService.

First I unchecked the "enable Nero Scout” box within Nero
Scout options.

NMIndexingService was still running after a reboot. I set
its startup type to "disabled", rebooted, and began to see
occasional failed startup attempts by DCOM (System Log errors
with Event ID 1005: DCOM got error "The service cannot be
started.....because it is disabled ....attempting to start
the service NMIndexingService..."). So I disabled DCOM
using the procedure described at:


And still I'm seeing the DCOM errors. So, what's trying to
run NMIndexingService and why? The desktop sits behind a
router but no other devices are connected to the local
network while this is all going on. DCOM is supposed to
be disabled  - how can it still try to start the service?
Is it worth investigating further and, if so, how? Should
I just stop worrying and let the service run?



Dick K

Re: Quasi-Malicious Behaviour of Nero 8's NMIndexingSevice

Dick K wrote:
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Search for 'Nero removal tool' in Google or whatever and use one of the many
Neros to get rid of the crap. They are an aggrevating bunch.


Re: Quasi-Malicious Behaviour of Nero 8's NMIndexingSevice

Alfalfa wrote:
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Thanks for the response. I've discovered that the
DCOM errors occurs on the rare occasions when I
start Nero Show Time. A design flaw therefore and
something I should have spotted earlier but not

I wholeheartedly agree with you about aggravation -
Nero seem to be shovelling out more and more crap
with each new version. However I've paid for the
crap and the only components I actually need (InCD,
Nero Burning ROM and Nero Vision) are usable so I'll
just remove Nero 8 and reinstall it without Show

My apologies for troubling the Newsgroup with
something half-baked.


Dick K

Re: Quasi-Malicious Behaviour of Nero 8's NMIndexingSevice

Dick K wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Do you actually *use* ShowTime?  As I recall, this was a server that you
ran on your host so you and others in your intranet could share videos.
Do you do that?  If not, get rid of it.  That might require an uninstall
an *custom* reinstall (where you elect NOT to include all the fluffware
they bundle in their package).  Express, SmartStart, and Cover Designer
were all that I kept.

BTW: InCD has never proven reliable (neither has DirectCD from Roxio).
If you really don't need a CD/DVD to behave like a floppy and instead
just burn files onto the CD/DVD when you need to do so then get rid of
InCD, too.

Re: Quasi-Malicious Behaviour of Nero 8's NMIndexingSevice

VanguardLH wrote:
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Thanks for some enlightening comments.

I used Show Time occasionally, to start playing a video file
before Windows Media Centre had finished recording it from
TV. My default player is Windows Media Player 11 but its seek
slider is disabled when it's used to play a file which is
already open. Therefore I used "Open With" to select an
alternative player which didn't suffer the same disadvantage.
Thus Show Time was just one of several options (Real Player,
Cyberlink Power DVD, ...). It can be removed because I don't
need network video sharing. An uninstall and custom reinstall
should work - I've previously done one to remove other
unwanted components.

Your description of Show Time's functionality explains why
DCOM was involved at all, which puzzled me, and makes more
sense of the DCOM errors I was seeing. To quote: "...attempting
to start the service NMIndexingService.....in order to run
the server: {E8933C4B-2C...".

I don't rely on it InCD for anything critical and I don't use
it much so there's no reason to keep it. I'm bit wary because
I had problems after uninstalling an older version a few years
ago. I'll do some searches first to find out whether the
uninstall is still problematic.


Dick K

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