"Proxy XQA" virus

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I was wondering if there is anyone that could give me some information.

AVG gave a virus warning yesterday stating that it had found the "Proxy
XQA" virus and it mentioned the file aspimgr.exe.  When it finished AVG
said that it had got rid of the virus.

Today when the scan was run it found a problem with A0038967.exe which
it then stated it had cleaned.

I assume that these two virus warnings are related and I am concerned
that AVG did not clear the virus completely.

Could anyone help?

Thank in advance.

Re: "Proxy XQA" virus

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aspimgr.exe will have been what you can think of as the "live" virus.
A0038967.exe will be a copy of it in one of your system restore points.
The second file won't have been detected originally as it wasn't being accessed
at the time, but the
full scan later on saw it.

Extra steps you may wish to take, but which are optional:
1. Dump the restore points, since you know there's been a problem with them.
Disable system
restore, re-boot, re-enable system restore. On the other hand, all bar the most
recent will be OK,
and they're handy to have around.
2. Google the virus a bit and see if it dumps any other files, or sets any
registry entries. AVG may
not have dealt with those.
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Re: "Proxy XQA" virus

foghollow wrote:
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Thanks for this, it certainly makes me feel a lot better.

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