Problems running stand-alone Ghost 2003

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I made a bootable floppy from a WinME Startup disk and copied GHOST.EXE on
it.  The contents of the floppy is basically like was suggested here and
elsewhere on the web except I used WinME instead of Win98SE.  The version
date of my GHOST.EXE is 1-8-2004.  When I ran GHOST.EXE it displayed a
licence agreement dialogue that says I should allow GHOST to mark my hard

I said NO don't mark the disks.  I then proceeded to use the floppy to
successfully copy a partition to a different partition on the same hard
drive.  I then changed the system ID byte (in the partition table) for the
clone to LINUX which will keep the clone hidden from Win XP.    The reason I
didn't want GHOST to 'mark' anything is because I don't know what 'marking'
is or what 'marking' does and therefore I don't want it.  I am just
experimenting here.

When I was finished I booted my original partition (which is WinXP) and
right away I got a problem with my AVG 7.5 (free version) Antivirus program.
It said RESIDENT SHIELD NOT INSTALLED.   I did a web search and found that a
possible cause for the problem might be NORTON software that is not
completely uninstalled. To fix the problem it says to run a NORTON Removal
Tool.  I downloaded the tool and ran it and that fixed the problem I was
having with AVG Antivirus.  WHAT REALLY PUZZLES ME is that I never installed
any NORTON software on this computer.  I copied GHOST.EXE directly from the
CD to the floppy disk.  I didn't install or run any program from the CD.
Also, I told GHOST not to mark my disks, which presumably should leave
things unaffected.

Does anybody here know what caused the problem with my AVG Antivirus ?

What does GHOST do when it marks the disks ?   (I don't mind it so much as
long as I know how I can undo it)

TIA  Bill S.

Re: Problems running stand-alone Ghost 2003

Tried on Ghost 8.3 and works fine, email me for details, cheers

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