Problems installing BitDefender on Windows ME

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I made multiple attempts at installing and running BitDefender on my
Windows ME system. I was only able to get it to run once in a
compromised mode, although it did indeed locate a number of infected
files which I was later able to delete manually.

The problem remains that I can't do a decent installation. There are
three error messages that are displayed in at least two failure modes.
These are:

1. "XCOMMSVR has caused an error in <unknown>." This message is
displayed upon system bootup even though I de-clicked the startup
option. Closing this box causes the program loading process to stop. The
icon has been displayed in the system tray, but disappears when this box
is clicked off.

2. "Waiting for services to start." After a long delay, the program
would abend and unload with the message "Failed to start the virus
shield. Please start the program again.". This happened repeatedly
whether the program was auto-loaded upon boot or started manually after
windows startup.
I have tried two different fixes:
- The self-repair process that's accessed by re-running the install routine
- A patch that's shown on the publisher's web site. The patch
instructions reference error message #1 above, although the failure
described doesn't seem exactly the same; there are two references to
this patch on the site -- one quotes my failure message; the other
reference does not. Running the "patch" actually doesn't fix anything --
it inserts two additional files in the program directory. Regardless,
doing this didn't help.

Any good ideas about what's going on or what I should do?
I sent the publisher a good bug report; they haven't answered.


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