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I have two portable AV applications on my flash drive, KAVDOSNT and
Portable ClamWin.  Since I really don't need two of the same kind of
program I must eliminate one.  The ClamWin is easier to use and looks
nicer but how does it compare to KAVDOSNT?

Re: portable av

badgolferman wrote:
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if you have to choose between something that is clam and something that
isn't, choose the one that isn't...

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Re: portable av

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 22:02:29 -0500, "badgolferman"

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The idea of KAVDOSNT (which uses KAVDOS32) was to provide users with
the top notch detection of Kaspersky (far superior to Clam) in a
no-install package which could be used as a alternate on-demand
scanner to their regular realtime av.

Since KAVDOS32 is very old now, and has not been supported by
Kaspersky in ages, its scan engine may not be capable of dealing
with some recent malware. I don't know, and I haven't made any
attempts to find out. Perhaps David Lipman has some insight on that
question since he incorporates KAVDOS32 in his Multi-Av ... and he
is active with this stuff in the current time frame while I am not.
David? Any comments on that question?

An alternative no-install, on-demand scanner which has the Kaspersky
scan engine and a nicer GUI is MWAV:
but the free version seems to be crippled in two ways ... the note
at the bottom of the page says something about the lack of
spyware/adware detection, and it has no cleaning capability. The
paid version price is quite high, so I don't see this a very
attractive alternative.


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