please help me with unknown virus/spyware problem!

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my friend 4 houses down finally splurged for a wireless card and
finally got Internet connection for the very first time in his life.
now i warned him about getting all the necessary windows updates (which
i would assume be to many to mention), some anti spyware and a good
anti virus program.   well, to cut a long story short, he is now
infected with a virus or spyware.  i need to know if anyone recognize
any of these virus/spyware characteristics in order to remove this
malware from his pc.

first, some icons have changed shortcut paths for example, i click on
internet explorer and i find myself in the recycle bin directory.

if i select file the mouse hand will zip back and forth really fast
from file to help and not stop.

if i hit the task manager, after a few seconds it will not let me see
the processes tab at all.

cannot shut down because it will not move from the cance selection.

when i tried to install some anti virus/anti spyware program it will
not let me add a check mark to the agree/disagree box.

when i click on my computer it will stay stuck on the floppy drive and
will not let me browse my root drive.

when i reboot the computer, after pushing the f8 button more than
enough times to go into safe mode but it just ignores the command to go
to safe mode.

i did manage to install windows defender but couldn't successfully
update it because it will stay stuck on the 'checking for updates'
prorgress bar.

well i figured i would get the update from setting my automatic updates
which will gladly give me the latest def's for windows defender.  but
it would not let me select a day and time to get updates because it
would not let me select accept or ok.

so if anyone recognizes these characteristics please let me know what
piece of malware i am facing.

before anyone suggest or ask "what does his anti virus or anti spyware
program say?"  well, he never installed any type of protection.  now it
has become a characteristic of this virus/spyware because i cannot
install any type of anti spyware/virus.  remember my friend has never
been on the internet.  so i understand him being a dumb ass and getting

Re: please help me with unknown virus/spyware problem!

On that special day, kreepz86, ( said...

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Did you already try another mouse and keyboard?

Gabriele Neukam

Ah, Information. A property, too valuable these days, to give it away,
just so, at no cost.

Re: please help me with unknown virus/spyware problem!

I agree with Bill.  Just reformat and be done with it.  Don't fight it.  You
may want to tell your friend it's best to not browse some web sites.  You
know what they are..........

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Re: please help me with unknown virus/spyware problem!

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Chances are his hard drive has more crap on it than a bukaki whore's
face. Just reformat it, add an adequate AV/spyware combination and
tell him to use some common sense. If that doesn't work, tell him he's
too stupid to own a computer and let him fend for himself.

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