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 Used Spyware Terminator to clean a pc, it worked very well because the
collection of trojans, etc, had made updating impossible with any other
antimalware product [that I know of]. This product worked so well because
its smaller footprint allowed it to function in an environment where the
machine was overloaded with multiple av products, all kinds of updaters, and
many unnecessary stuff resident in memory. Only 7.5mb for installer, 7.5 mb
for update. It took me a week of scanning, rebooting, trying different
approaches to get it where it is now.

I have a question for you : do you use the ST resident [not resident
protection] portion? Or do you load it only when you want to do an on demand

Which AV do you use? What does it do that the AS ST doesn't other than email
scanning. Or does ST somehow do email scans aswell?


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Tommy McClure wrote:

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..and you are still not sure if it is clean.

If the job appears to be going to take more than about three hours, I
will back up the client's family photos, music, documents (most people
don't have any more than that), and reformat/reinstall. Follow that by
proper firewalling (first step), current anti-stuff, then reload their
personal data - and scan it as well. Then train them how to maintain it
in a clean state.

Oh, I would also ask them if they care to try a different operating
system not prone to infestation.

Few people care to spend more than about $200US for fixing.

   -Friends don't let friends drive Windows

Re: ping victek

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Currently I'm using Kaspersky AV 2009, which is a combination AV and AS, so
I don't feel the need to turn ON Spyware Terminator's real-time shield.
KAV2009 seems very comprehensive, but my system is clean so I can't say from
experience that it's more effective than Spyware Terminator.  I use ST
regularly when cleaning up other people's computers because it will work in
SAFE mode, it's Quick Scan is very fast, and (of course) it's free.  It's
not for everybody though, because many people cannot handle the alerts.  If
you're comfortable evaluating the alerts then I think ST is a strong
product, especially with the HIPS feature enabled (it's OFF by default).  I
would not use the Clam AV option, because I don't think it's as effective as
other free AV's, e.g. AVG, Avast! and Avira.  I think you're correct that ST
does not have an email scanner, but traditionally that's a function that
AV's provide (the free AV's all have email scanners).  You can definitely
use ST just for "on demand" scanning.  It installs a driver though which
loads even if the shield is disabled and that bothers some people.
Personally I don't think that's a reason to not use it.  For "on demand"
scanning I would also recommend SuperAntiSpyware Free.  It's Quick Scan is
not as fast as ST, but no AS or AV can catch everything so multiple tools
are needed.  Hope this helps.

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