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Hi Ray. Go ahead, google for this. :) You won't find it. Just like you
didn't find the hello world, or irok. Hello world isn't very original
tho.. doesn't really show you anything. Not "custom".

This OTH, I wrote this tonight, just for you. It's custom. A little
beyond "Hello world" but not too much. [g]

It'll create a 38byte text file, called Ray.txt and print
"Hi! Ray How did I get created Today?" on the screen and inside the text
file. The text file will also have a control/line feed, but the dollar
sign will not be present. [g]

Again, this is designed to become an .exe file, as it's in segments. It
can be converted for assembly via debug or straight up .com file with
slight modification.

If you understood what Ant did in reference to my hello world program,
you can convert this one to debug too and get the same result as above.

You can also assemble it using nasm and a linker (nasm doesn't come with
a linker, you'll have to go leech one).

If you make a few modifications to my code below, you can have nasm
assemble it as a .com file instead and you won't need the linker then.

I won't do that for you, YOU can do that part yourself. I already know
this stuff. You won't learn it if I don't make you atleast try.

And no, belittling me isn't going to produce the results you want. I
just post code you don't understand and leave it uncommented. ;p

This time, you comment it for me! You comment with what you think is
going on. I wanna see if you understand this stuff at all, or if you
understand some of it... or what your level of understanding is.

use command line:

nasm -f obj ray.asm

(if using ms link v3.69 (a relic from my teenage years. Still works
fine) it's

link ray <enter>

You'll have a very small ray.obj and ray.exe file

When you run the ray.exe file, it'll create a ray.txt file in current
directory with the text as shown on the screen. This program will not
pause to press a key before it exits, so run it from cli if you want to
see the message on the screen.

It's pure asm, although 16bit, it's fast as lightning on systems that
can execute it.

It has no error handling, so will do nothing if it can't create the
ray.txt. It'll still print on screen regardless.

segment code

mov ax,data
mov ds,ax
mov ax,stack
mov ss,ax
mov sp,stacktop

mov dx,hello
mov ah,9
int 0x21

mov ah,0x3c
mov cx,0
mov dx,files
int 0x21

mov [filehnd],ax

mov ah,0x40
mov bx, [filehnd]
mov cx,[msglength]
mov dx,hello
int 0x21

mov ah,0x3e
mov bx,filehnd
int 0x21

mov ax,0x4c00
int 0x21

segment data

hello: db 'Hi! Ray How did I get created Today?',13,10,'$'
files db 'ray.txt', 0
filehnd dw 1
msglength dw 38

segment stack stack
resb 64

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Re: Ping Ray - RAY.ASM

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He's running wild with Google searches and searching old shit for
something to convince everyone he is not merely a 'programmer' in

Ha! You can see how timid and insecure this shit is as he tries so
desperately to convince everyone he isn't the DUMB SHIT we ALL know
him to be.

What a LUSER!!


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