Ping: Ray; can you explain these source files? Let's see how smart you are. LOL!

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I forgot to ask. How are you coming along with your silly virus/trojan  
kit? Making any progress at all yet? Have you figured out how .net files  
can be infected? [g]

Why couldn't you tell anyone what the out statements did in this code?

for i=0 to 255
out &hex70,i
out &hex71,0
next i

All you were able to say was it's a for/next loop. Well, duh, everybody  
knows that. My question was what is the code doing? [g]

I've even provided the full source code to the program (that I wrote,  
btw) it comes from. I bet you still can't tell me what it does.

The only person "pretending" to be something is you, Ray. You're  
"pretending" to have enough functional gray matter in your skull to be  
able to carry on an intelligent conversation concerning the details of  
malware. How it does what it does, and why. These topics are simply too  
complex for your feeble mind to grasp.  

You may ridicule me all you like, but as long as you can't explain  
simple code like this:

for i=0 to 255
out &hex70,i
out &hex71,0
next i

You've got no chance in hell of ever learning how this:  

segment code

mov ax,data
mov ds,ax
mov ax,stack
mov ss,ax
mov sp,stacktop

mov dx,hello
mov ah,9
int 0x21

mov ah,0x3c
mov cx,0
mov dx,files
int 0x21

mov [filehnd],ax

mov ah,0x40
mov bx, filehnd
mov cx,[msglength]
mov dx,hello
int 0x21

mov ah,0x3e
mov bx,filehnd
int 0x21

mov ax,0x4c00
int 0x21

segment data

hello: db 'Hi! Ray How did I get created Today?',13,10,'$'
files db 'ray.txt', 0
filehnd dw 1
msglength dw 38

segment stack stack
resb 64

works. Instead, you'll *always* be the punkass loser. Not even at the  
level of a script kiddy. That's pure 16bit assembler Ray. Written from  
scratch. For you, it does what you requested and more.  

It even creates a file and writes the text to it! as well as prints it  
on the screen. It's simplistic as hell, but could be streamlined even  
further. If you knew anything about assembler, you could further  
optimize the asm source I've taken the time to provide you.

Point is, this is how I code. I don't know that many 11 year olds who  
code in assembler. [g]

Oh, btw, int isn't for "integer".
My take home pay isn't enough to take me home!

Re: Ping: Ray; can you explain these source files? Let's see how smart you are. LOL!

On Saturday, February 23, 2013 10:42:48 PM UTC+2, Dustin wrote:
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$0 is not enough money to go home Dustbin.

Amaze me and post here some code in assembly or even pseudo-code that does
something, well commented.  I'll pay you in BitCoin.  Not holding my breath...


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