PeerGuardian and NOD32

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ESET, the makers of NOD32 Antivirus, were recently added to Bluetack's level
1 blocklist due to some P2P activity Bluetack detected from an ESET
netblock. Despite assuring an ESET representative that the level 1 list was
doing its intended job correctly by blocking an organization with a
suspected P2P presence, and that you, our users, do indeed choose to run
PeerGuardian specifically for this purpose (and that those in our community
who trust ESET could very easily set an allow entry for them), Bluetack
apparently got a frivolous legal threat from them.

ESET's solution? To classify PeerGuardian as a virus.

So if you're a user of NOD32 you will have to make sure it knows
PeerGuardian isn't a threat. Or do what I would do: switch to an antivirus
that doesn't classify legitimate applications as a virus just because it
conflicts with its company's interests. Maybe Avast, or Symantec.

Re: PeerGuardian and NOD32

On Sat, 23 Feb 2008 11:35:23 -0000, Andy wrote:

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So your advice is for users of your product to abandom one of the best AV
applications on the market because it detects your stuff as a threat and
you are unable to convince eset that it isn't?

I think most people will know how to deal with that 'advice'. For my part
I'm glad that I've never heard of PeerGuardian before, and I feel no need
of hearing of it again.


Re: PeerGuardian and NOD32

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There are many legitimate uses for P2P software. If you're blacklisting any use
at all, you're the
threat, not them.
Snob? Were I a snob, I wouldn't be talking to you.

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