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A False Sense of Security
You may think your PC is protected, but even a few leaks can sink you.
Find out just how much trouble your PC may be inviting—and what simple
steps you can take to secure your system.
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80 Super Security Tips
Spyware, viruses, phish and more are anxious to make your
acquaintance. Reject the invitations—with our help.

Microsoft Issues "Critical" Security Patches
Vulnerability could give attackers remote control of your PC.
• Plus: Why #39 is bad luck in Redmond

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Top Security Suites for Your New PC
Your shiny new computer is all ready for school. These tools will help
you keep it clean on the inside, too.

An Insider's Look at Homeland Security and Technology
Steve I. Cooper, special assistant to the president and CIO for the
Office of Homeland Security, talks with PC Magazine about the role of
Technology in Protecting Americans.

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    2005: More of The Same?
2004 was a rough year for security. What can we expect for this year?
Cyber-Security: Is the Gov't Doing Enough?
Akamai's chief scientist claims the Internet is "very insecure" and
the government is not providing enough funding to fix the problem.     
    Hackers Tune In to Windows Media Player
Microsoft's new anti-piracy mechanism is the latest distribution
vehicle for spyware, adware and viruses.     
    Microsoft to Serve Up Monthly Virus Zapper
The company releases its first beta of an anti-spyware application,
alongside news that a virus detection and cleanup tool will be added
to the monthly Patch Day schedule.     
    Source Code for Cabir Cell Phone Worm Released
Mobile anti-virus vendors are bracing for new and potentially
dangerous mutants of the Cabir smart-phone worm.     
    Christmas Virus Makes the Rounds
Holiday-themed W32/Zafi.D-mm virus is nothing but trouble. We tell you
how to spot it.     
    Critical Java Bug Targets Java Virtual Machine
A highly critical vulnerability in Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Java
plug-in has been discovered by a Finnish security consultant. The
vulnerability could potentially allow a Web page to turn off Java's
security feature and execute malicious code on a compromised machine.
Locking Down Internet Explorer
IE's My Computer zone has been an open door to security threats, but
now you can padlock it.     
    Concerns Mount over Major Web Strike
Following major DDoS attacks this summer, the cracking of MD5
encryption and the warning of an impending "electronic jihad,"
Internet pros are expressing a growing sense of foreboding.     
    AIM Beta Fixes Security Hole
AOL releases a test version of AIM 5.9 that addresses a remote-attack
security vulnerability affecting the "Away" feature in its instant
messaging client.     

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