PC-Cillin: Locked Out?

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I just started getting this message in a popup:

The entered serial number has already been registered.  Please click Verify User
link to confirm you are the original user.

My kneejerk reaction is that when I re-imaged my PC, something changed that
TrendMicro was using to surrepticiously ID my box and now they think the product
is being used by somebody else.

How to get this thing working again?   Followed instructions on various screen
options they offered up (like pasting in my registration code and a couple of
other thing...) but all I get is no response, or an error like "Invalid
registration entered." - but it's the same registration that I got with the

Doesn't sound good to me...

Anybody been here?

Re: PC-Cillin: Locked Out?

(Pete Cresswell) wrote:
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Go to the trendmicro.com web-site. Check out their knowledgebase. It has
articles that deal with this problem. I've read them myself, but quite
honestly, I don't have motivation to look them up for you. Just messing
with you..

Re: PC-Cillin: Locked Out?

Per optikl:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for going the extra mile - but my situation seems to have a little extra
twist to it.  The popup and the article both suggest that I am entering a serial
number, but I'm not ("Check and make sure you entering the correct serial

I tried filling out their "rate this page", got to the part where they solicity
free-form text, and was unable to type anything into the dialog's text box.  Oh

Just fired off an email to their support.   Now we'll see if I'm out fifty bucks
or not.


Re: PC-Cillin: Locked Out?

(Pete Cresswell) wrote:
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Their support people are pretty good about resolving customer service
issues. Don't assume you're out the $ 50.

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