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Hi. I upgraded from PC-cillin Internet Security 2004 to the 2005
version. After I did the upgrade, I noticed in my Task List an entry
for winmgmt, which has never been in my task list before. I don't know
why it's there. If I don't need winmgmt, I want to get rid of it
because it seems to be using system resources.

I emailed Trend Micro tech support about this and, as usual, their
tech support people answer a question I never asked. I have never
asked their tech support for anything and gotten a straight fast
answer from them. Never. I know I write clearly; I do it for a living.
Sometimes it's a case of their people not understanding English well.
Other times it's obvious to me that they do not read my entire
message, only the first paragraph. Also, they insist that I always
keep the previous messages appended to the current message, but they
do not do it themselves.

It's been nearly a week, and Trend Micro tech support has still not
given me an answer. Can someone here?


Re: PC-cillin 2005

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      Filename Startup entry
      Winmgmt.exe is a core component of client management in Windows
2000/XP. This process initializes when the first client application connects
or continuously when management applications request its services. It is not
possible to end this process using the Task Manager.

      Located in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBEM" on Windows XP.     [Edit]

      Filename Startup entry
      winmgmt.exe comes with a clean install of Microsoft Windows 2000
Professional. winmgmt.exe is located in "C:\WINNT\system32\dllcache\".

Re: PC-cillin 2005

I'm really sorry, but I should have said that my operating system is
Windows 98, and winmgmt.exe resides in c:\windows\system\wbem.

I don't understand why winmgmt never appeared until I installed
PC-cillin Internet Security.


On Wed, 1 Jun 2005 11:24:40 -0400, "bam"

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Re: PC-cillin 2005

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It normally resides in C:\Windows\system32, and normally features in Windows
NT type operating systems, not W98.  Just remove it from tasks, and see if
that causes any problems in running the Penicillin. It could be you are
using security software that is only compatible with W2000 or XP os.

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