Partition Table (MBR)

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When I run AVG ' scan system areas' it tells me the Partition Table (MBR)
has changed every time.
It doesn't say there is anything wrong ....
Kaspersky gives the all clear, as does all the online virus checkers I can
Am I worring unduely please  ?


Re: Partition Table (MBR)

Wards wrote:
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i'm not sure about constant changes to the mbr, but i do know that
windows writes to the mbr under certain conditions...

if your anti-virus products aren't finding anything, though, it's
probably a safe bet there's nothing there... nobody writes mbr infectors
anymore so all the ones you could have are old and well known (so any
anti-virus worth it's salt should be able to detect them)...

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Re: Partition Table (MBR)

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I've noted that message too.
Unless you've got some other indication of a problem I'd ignore it.


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