Partial follow-up on HP laptop with virus

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If you recall, I said that AVG run from a flashdrive had found
Cryptic.AZC on my friend Susan's HP Mini, and searching on that name
came up with a webpage which at the time I was sure related to the
same malware -- even though the name now seems to be slightly
different, it didn't then -- and that after AVG ran I was able to go
into windows and it ran, and I looked for the file in System32 and the
startup reference in the Registry and neither were there.  And from
this I deduced that AVG actually cleaned things out of the registry,
which was pretty good.  

But now I read on this page,2817,2363533,00.asp that only Avast
and Norton boot CD's are based on windows and only they clean the
registry:  " Avast! and Norton are the only ones of this group that
can also clean up traces in the registry, which makes sense as they're
the only ones built on Windows. "

So I guess I found the wrong entry on the web, or AVG was faked out
into thinking I had something I didn't.

Re: Partial follow-up on HP laptop with virus

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[runs on Windows] ---> [can edit registry]

however, [runs on Linux] -/-> [can not edit registry], as there are some
tools that can do that, modulo worries with writing to NTFS under
anything except MS Windows.

Rich Webb     Norfolk, VA

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