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I have a problem with the Panda Anti-Virus Titanium 2005 program. Whenever
it scans I get an "Illegal Operation" message
caused by "MAPISP32.DLL." This happens when the scan is about to finish and
looks for "Outlook"......which is not installed on my computer. This also
happens with their on-line scan. Tech support asked me to send them a
"PSINFO.gz" file.....which I did. There solution, however, is a bit
perplexing as it tells me to uninstall several ADWARE and Firewall programs
as well as the Panda software itself! I don't get it. Maybe someone could
clarify this. I've yet to hear from their tech support about my doubts
concerning this "solution."  I am using Windows 98SE.

Here is their solution:

Please delete the following files.


PLUS........several other files including Internet links to Anti-virus
programs suchas Trend's SYSCLEAN and Bit Defender's on-line scanner!

You may also contact the product vendor for complete removal instructions;

 Please click on the link below to run the uninstaller if that does not work,

Try this link:

You will need to click on SMCLPAV.exe instead of Panda Uninstaller.

Please let us know if the problem persists.

Thanks for choosing Panda, we do value your business!

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