Panda Anti Virus causing major problems - can't open files when installed

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Further to a recent update of Panda Cloud Protection both ourselves
and some of our customers who also use Panda Cloud Protection have
been having major problems.

Basically with Panda installed the workstations have problems opening
certain files over the network - in particular Microsoft Access
databases. They essentially get errors relating to connectivity to the

Again this is happening to computers on my network and to computers on
two of my customer's networks who also use Panda Cloud Protection.

I've reported it to Panda support who, whilst helpful and are looking
at the problem, so far seem to be struggling somewhat with a solution.

It seems clear to me that the Panda has a problem when the workstation
opens Access (.MDB) databases over a network connection.

On my network the problem is happening on 5 workstations (we've got 45
in total but only 5 have the problem - yet all are identical)

On my customer's networks it's happening to all but about 5
workstations. Again they all access the same files.

So far I've tried the following:

- Exclude .MDB and .LDB files from Panda completely (this was already
in place actually)
- Remove Panda fully from the workstation and reinstall.
- Stop individual services belonging to Panda AV. Only once all the
Panda services are stopped does the problem go.

The only way I can resolve the errors for the users is to install a
temporary alternative (AVG or Microsoft Essentials) AV package. This
COMPLETELY fixes the problem.  Obviously we and the customers are in
contract still with Panda.

Why aren't ALL workstations affected. They all access the same
database files and are all fully up to date with Windows updates etc.
All workstations are running XP.

Can anyone shed any light?


Re: Panda Anti Virus causing major problems - can't open files when installed

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Without being able to study your network, guesses are all I can offer.
My first guess is that some workstations are having difficulty accessing
the internet. IMO antivirus should not rely so heavily on connectivity.

That being said, this is where Panda gets a chance to prove their
worth - it is *support* that counts most (especially in a paid-for

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