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Only tried out one, and got Tibick.  Wasn't HARD to clean out, but
would rather NOT do that again!

How to virus check morpheus, limwire, etc???  Was running AVG Free at


Re: p2p

spondee@cox.net wrote:

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you scan the files you download before you open/execute/whatever
them... same as if you were trying to virus check your downloads from a

in fact, from a security point of view, you can basically treat p2p
downloads the same as you would downloads from a website you've just
visited for the first time and never heard of before... in other words,
the source of the files are such that you have no information on which
to base judgments about how trustworthy the files may be so they have
to be deemed untrustworthy...

simply scanning them is one way, but you may find that it's to your
benefit to stick them in a holding directory for a couple weeks so that
your anti-virus has time to catch up with anything that you downloaded
when it was brand-spanking-new... still another way to go is to simply
avoid downloading the more problematic types of content (application
software, office documents, etc)...

you have to also accept that viruses will still get through some of the
time... it doesn't matter what you do, there's only so much you can do
to limit your exposure to threats, especially when you're going out of
your way to get untrustworthy content...

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Re: p2p

On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 20:37:03 -0800, spondee@cox.net wrote:

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Had a relative install Limewire on my computer.  After I uninstalled
it there was crap on my computer that I had to buy a new computer to
get rid of it.  As I recall the most pernicious item was a thing
called Limeshop.  I'd rather slash my wrists than do P2P.

Ray Wesley Kinserlow Jr.
Lubbock, Texas
rkinserlow at cox dot net
homepage: www.members.cox.net/rkinserlow

Re: p2p

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I had Limeware on here for a short time, but I had *bad vibes* re that
program.  I had no problems with it or spyware, etc....just got a hinky
feeling with it, so went back to my tried and true, safe P2P program of 3
years.....WinMX.  I have downloaded only mp3's from there and never ONCE had
a problem.

I rarely check them anymore with EZ Trust......but do run a virus check
every month or so and nada in 3 years in those mp3 downloads.  But I doubt
you could get a virus in an mp3......providing, of course, that it really
was a song and not a renamed virus.


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