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Im using outlook express for my emails and getting replies from people that
they are getting multiple emails.
Is it a virus I have? Im using AVG
Any help please

Re: Outlook Express

Rick wrote:
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You might contact your ISP and see if they are having other reports of a
similar nature.

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Re: Outlook Express

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I don't remember the details, but there was a bug in an older version of
Outlook Express that exhibited this problem. Is your system up to date?

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There is still a bug in OE. I have the latest version and most times posting
to Usenet - it double sends.

I've been using Windows Live Desktop recently and haven't had any double


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c@d.com says...
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 I'd look at the timeout settings, could be it's not getting the
Received message from the news server in time, so re-sending. I
haven't used OE for mail or news for some time, but I used to
and never had problems, however my mail and news servers were
pretty prompt in sending their acknowledgements.

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