OT: You buy Win 7?

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If so, do you like it or no and why? Just curious if it is as good as
the magazines and Internet articles says it is?


Re: OT: You buy Win 7?

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I loaded it yesterday (Pro version) in a dual-boot with XP Pro on my
normal computer, the one I'm typing on (in XP). A direct XP->7 upgrade
isn't supported, but I found instructions at TechRepublic on using
dual-boot to transition, and I was up in an hour or so.

It'll definitely take some getting used to. Files are in a different
place, the look and feel is different. This system is business class, so
  the graphics won't support the Aero interface, but everything else
works well. I ran the Upgrade Advisor first, so I knew what I was
getting into. It saw all of the devices on my local network (3 PCs',
NAS, Tivo, Wii), and knew what they were. The printer (Brother HL-1440
parallel), worked right away, with no setup.

All in all, a good experience. As I get time, I'll be installing
everything under Win7, and eventually remove XP and undo the dual-boot.


Re: OT: You buy Win 7?

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I have used Vista for over two years now. I have had no problems with
Vista and I like Vista. When I go to Win 7, it will be the same.

Vista and Win 7 can better protect themselves from malware attacks than
any previous versions of the Windows O/S(s)for the workstation, if one
doesn't start disabling the protection.

It's not bulletproof, nothing is that, but the protection is better
plain and simple.

Re: OT: You buy Win 7?

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The price is bizarre. $120 for an _upgrade_ from XP to to the "Home"

You gotta be kidding!

Sure, it's faster and leaner than Vista, and it looks real nice. I d'l
and installed the RC version back in July. It found and downloaded
drivers for most of my hardware. All my most-used apps work as well with
it as with XP Pro. So in many respects it's better than Vista. But it
still has all the flaws that made me decide not to buy Vista. (See PS)

But worst of all, the Vista driver for my most-used printer won't work.
I understood that Vista drivers would work with Win7. I'm not about to
buy another laser printer just because a better OS comes along.

PS: Why I don't like Vista/Win 7.
a) a truly pathetic control panel;
b) crippled wizards (which weren't that capable in the first place)
c) the My Whatever folder group, which can't be destroyed, replaced, or
modified without hacking the registry
d) the failure to create a data/backup partition on installation
e) it's possible to set up the system so that user accounts can be
accessed without passwords....

wolf k.

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