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At times I get garbage non-sensical emails. Like the body of the email might
be glmph vyte with a similar title. I always delete these, but then within a
week I start getting lots of spam (usually selling penny stocks), often
multiple emails with different subjects but identical information.

Now I suspect the original garbage email is just the forerunner, perhaps
checking to see if it is a valid email address. If it doesn't bounce back,
they use it to then send me the spam. Is this correct? If so, is there
anything I can do about it? Incidentally, the spam sent is plentiful for
about 6 weeks and then it seems to go away.


Re: OT--spam query

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You could make sure that your email reader doesn't show images by default.
In theory a spammer can detect that you have viewed the email by assigning a
unique parameter to the image in each email that they send out. This is why
Microsoft Outlook (for example) doesn't show images in emails by default.

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Spammers have probably worked out that just because an email didn't bounce
back it doesn't mean that the email address is valid. Most spam filtering
software doesn't bounce back the email but simply deletes. Also, most spam
doesn't come with a valid return email, but often uses someone else's email
address as the return address. So just because your spam doesn't bounce
won't be the reason you get more of it.

If you get batches of spam lasting for about 6 weeks then you are doing
well. I think well over 90% of the emails sent to me are spam, but
fortunatly my spam filtering software keeps most of them at bay.

Really all you can do about it is to invest in better spam filtering
Brian Cryer

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