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I don't know how these idiots got my address but:

It started with 1-3 stock tips per day and now it's up to about  20. The
emails all have the same format with a different sender and innocuous

How can I screen them out??


Re: OT--spam problem


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Buy the stock and wait for your computer to be re-possessed.

Jim :)

Re: OT--spam problem

MZB wrote:
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Do like those Russians - find the spammer then go round to his place and
beat him to a bloody pulp with baseball bats.

That unfortunately is the only way to stop spam.

What I don't understand is, nearly 80% of all emails are spam, why do
ISPs put up with it? Do they get paid extra for it?


Re: OT--spam problem

On Fri, 11 Aug 2006 20:48:56 +0100 Sla#s wrote:

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Heh, tempting. <g>  A tactical nuke on Boca Raton, FL might do some good also.

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Nope.  The Boulder Pledge, <http://www.panix.com/~tbetz/boulder.shtml , is the
best way to put spammers out of business.  Unfortunately spammers can show a
profit with a very small percentage of suckers replying.

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There was a time when most ISPs enforced their AUP/TOS.  Since the advent of
ignored open relays in Korea, Brazil and China and the the increase in the
number of clueless computer users who allow their systems to be 'zombied'
because they don't bother learning about safe hex or using AV and firewalls, I
suppose that the problem has become overwhelming.
Ernie B.

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