OT - Shane has ripped Sooooooge a new asshole!

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And here it is!

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Re: OT - Shane has ripped Sooooooge a new asshole! laura's mouth!

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(Laura's mouth)

     What is disgusting, is that you even know where such a picture is at!
The fact the you do know where to find such a picture speaks volumes as to
the kind of disgusting low life you are.  Before you say anything, no I did
*not* need to go and look at it; because the url to it:
http://web.archive.org/web/20040109213953/http://goatse.cx /
has come up before when I was helping people that were helping with child
protection and nambla, the internet angles were privy to the address as well
as others.  You are not only a turkey necked old hag but one SICK PUPPY

  From the Desk of Sugien
  @###{ ]::::::Dino-Soft Software::::::>
Judge me all you want, Just keep the verdict to your self ok!

Re: OT - Shane has ripped Sooooooge a new asshole! laura's mouth!

Sugien wrote:
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LIAR! We know you fucking downloaded it, then ordered the fat
bitch into the bedroom (or the divide curtain you pull across
the trailer, you call a bedroom)  so you could bounce up and
down on her flabby ass like a sex-trampoline.

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There has got to be something wrong with this picture!
(internet angels). Either these 'Angels' are irresponsible
or naive morons. Do they know what a warped fucker you are?
Have they done a background check on you? Let them come here
into Usenet and ask around. (Now there's a challenge for you,
you won't do it because you know if anyone found you out
you'd be fucked)

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I'm getting sick of this turkey neck shit, your thin gag
lost any humour credibility after a couple of pathetic
attempts, by you, to try and match our superior wit and satire.
See 'Dimbulb' works, it's short, simple, straight to the
point, everyone gets it immediately and it's stuck to you
like shit to a blanket.


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