OT: If you WANT or need steady work, right away, here you go: www.LayoffRemedy.com

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   Start with the FREE Aptitude Test, to see if this job
suits your needs, and if you are qualified.  Then if you
are, move on into the rest of the site from there to get
all of the job description details, and how to access it.

   Over more than 30 years, we have enabled many
thousands of people to get out of economic rough

   If you qualify, there is NO NEED for you to keep on
being unemployed, under-employed, or to be working
piecemeal for poor or intermittent pay.

   This job won't make you rich, but it IS recession-proof,
and steady work.  If $50k/yr. works for you, this can be
your solution.  It can be done as well on a part-time or
weekend basis if you wish.

   It will pay you to travel -- but no sales work is involved.


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