OT - I tried at least ;-(

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I'm a moderator on a fishing website that is getting hit daily by bot
posts(SPAM).   I don't bother with abuse @ for the I.P.'s from India,
China, etc but for the few from the US I do send an e-mail.     Just
sent 2 e-mails the last few days with the post, the I.P. and the time
it was posted.   One replied back (actual reply, not automated!)  they
had to see the post.  Well duh - it was already removed.   Another one
said I needed to cut and paste the header information from the e-
mail.    It aint an e-mail eejots, it's a bot post.    Oh well, I just
banned the I.P.'s anywho.

I tried at least ;0)

To keep this somewhat on-topic got three variants of postcard.exe to
my yahoo address within the last week.  I also got two variants of
greeting_card.exe in the same account.

Norton (Yahoo e-mail client) ID'ed them all as W32.Mixor.Q@mm    I
sent them to virustotal, they were slightly different variants but I
forgot the names.    I think sunbelt(name?) had all five of them come
up as clean ;-(

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