OT:Convert Youtuve files easily

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A new FREE service has arisen that allows you to convert your favorite
Youtube (or other video sites of that nature) to numerous formats,
including Ipod formats. This is especially good if you want a video
that may be taken off, yet you are seeing it before that happens.

Go here and do this. First go to:

http://www2.zamzar.com /

There are three steps. On Step one, click onto the link for URL and
then another Step one window replaces that one. Add the URL and then
Step 2 becomes highlighted. Click on that and a major list of formats
appears and you choose which one you want and then go to step 3. There
you add your e-mail address and once the file is converted, they send
you an e-mail with a download link included. You must download the
file within 24 hours of the e-mail being sent. I did about 10 last
night and it works well. This is much easier than even Firefox. It is
free and I hope it stays that way!

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