OT: Bios help, please!

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For some reason my computer would not recognize my cd roms, so I
pressed F2 and went into the bios window. I went to the area that
showed the CD roms and hit Reset default. And I have screwed things up
big time. No matter what i do, I cannot get back into that window. I
have held down f2, f8, f10, delete, and other keys when booting up and
nothing. However, when I hit f2 after a few seonds I get 2 icons on a
screen that use to have about 50 and nothing else will happen. How can
I get back into the bios and once there, what should I do to get it
back where it was before I screwed things up? I am at the library and
will return on Friday to check if anyone has responded. I have done
all I could think of and would appreciate any help you can give me.
Since I posted the above, someone came over and got windows to go back
to normal, but the computer will still not allow access to the bios
window. I even took the battery out of the motherboard for about 10
minutes. Is that enough time or should I do something else?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: OT: Bios help, please!

Dickie Peters wrote:
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I would suggest that you call the manufacturer of the computer's tech
support and let them help you.

Re: Bios help, please!

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Removing the CMOS battery for 10 minutes is not long enough.
Almost all motherboards have a CMOS Reset jumper that you can typically move
from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3 for a few seconds (10 is more than enough) thereby
completely resetting the CMOS to default. Disconnect the line cord from the
wall socket, then locate this jumper (it is almost always pretty close to
the battery itself) and use it to reset the CMOS. If you cannot locate the
jumper it is always helpful to RTFM. Be certain to put the jumper back to
its original position before you reapply power to the motherboard.

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Re: Bios help, please!

When the computer first boots, it may tell you which key to press to get to
'setup' or 'bios'.

Perhaps, if you can get on the internet, you could go to the mfg of your
computer's website and find out how to get into the bios.

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