OT: Best computer fix NG?

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With so many computer ng's out there, can someone name a good group
where one can post questions about various computer problems they may
be having?


Re: Best computer fix NG?



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Re: Best computer fix NG?

On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 20:58:14 -0700, pcbutts1  [MS MVP] wrote:

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Re: Best computer fix NG?

First of all, IGNORE anything said by PC Butts....he is an idiot and
very definitely NOT an MS MVP!!

I would suggest you go to the Microsoft news groups for both your
operating system (XP, etc) and also to one that concentrates on whatever
problems you are having.

Having said that, you will either have to go to the groups via Microsoft
or perhaps someone here has the link for the MS news groups.....too late
to think that hard, lol.


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Re: OT: Best computer fix NG?

tiffanydiamonds@yahoo.com says...
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If you're running Windows then try posting to one of the many windows
.public.windows... groups.

The 23hourssupport.helpdesk groups is way to generic and not specific to
each problem area.

If you have general questions about XP then post the
m.p.windowsxp.general group, etc....

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Re: OT: Best computer fix NG?

Tiffany Diamonds wrote:

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Search through Agent's newsgroup list for the particular area you are
interested in i.e. hardware, networking, windows, xp, vista etc. I am in
the uk and subscribe to uk.comp.home-networking, uk.comp.homebuilt and
uk.comp.os.ms-windows all good, low noise groups. Unfortunately you may
have to try and see with many groups.

If you want to subscribe to a MSFT group then use their own new server -
msnews.microsoft.com - it's free, no logon and seems to propagate posts to
those groups quicker. (You will have to get used to top posting,
attachments and even HTML posts in those groups as lots of people seem to
think they are forums, including MSFT staff in the managed groups).

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Re: Best computer fix NG?

Miss Tiffany Diamonds wrote:
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Besides using a ng for your particular OS such as
microsoft.public,windowsxp  or microsoft.public.win2000  , you may want to
try  virtualdr.com  which is an excellent site for addressing computer
problems, inc spyware, OS specific, networking, etc. It is free and
excellent with many really sharp and friendly people.

Re: Best computer fix NG?

Thanks, all. I will try the OS (XP) Microsoft groups.


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