Opinions on Trend Micro vs. McAfee products, please.

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Hi All,

I suppose that I'm looking to gather some feedback on the two vendors'
product lines, as I'm beginning to evaluate alternate a/v software for
a non-profit firm and on a volunteer basis.

The office will be upgrading their network in a few months - right now
it's still an NT 4.0 SBS and Win98 environment, and they were using
Norton but due to service/re-ordering issues the organization wants to
switch vendors.  So with that said, are there any major quality
differences between the Trend Micro and the McAfee product line that I
should be aware of?  My goal is to ultimately have a server module push
any definition files/version updates down to the workstations upon
authentication.  (Presumably this should be doable with either TM or
McAfee, right?)  In addition, management will want the s/w (or
licences) to be portable to WinXP/2003 Server with limited costs.

I suppose that's it, with one slight exception... Is there a site
that one can go to obtain a "safe virus" to use to test the
platforms out?  F.w.i.w: that portion of the test will be completed
with the computers on their own segment and with the internet
connection removed.



Re: Opinions on Trend Micro vs. McAfee products, please.

On 17 Feb 2006 11:59:09 -0800 afs_solutions@yahoo.ca wrote:

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Download eicar.com from here:
<http://www.eicar.org/anti_virus_test_file.htm .  Read the text beforehand
Ernie B.

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hopefully without distortion.

Re: Opinions on Trend Micro vs. McAfee products, please.


I can assist you with the Mcafee product range as I use and recommend that
daily (no, I dont work for them just been using the products for years)

Overall I am happy with the mcafee products, for the scenario you are
describing Mcafee AVD will be an appropriate package.

You will have
Groupshield - Exchange Email scanning
Virusscan - Workstation File Scanning (Also used on the server for flat
And to tie it all together you will have:
Protection Pilot, this both rolls the product and updates to the clients as
well as giving you a central repository to see Virus detection and logs of
the network, as well as the current update level of all client PC's

You can set it to page/email you etc as well.

The licensing is transportal as you simply pay for 5/10 user boxes, its up
to you to police the usage of the product as the Mcafee product itself does
not do this.

You should be able to get a free 30 trial of the products as well  -however
you will need to check on the Mcafee site for any further info - NAI.COM


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Re: Opinions on Trend Micro vs. McAfee products, please.

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For your scenario, IMHO, the best possible product is Trend Micro
Officescan. Centrally managed and virtually hands-off after installation.

Search for "EICAR". That is the standard AV test SW.


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