Odd Start-Up Entries and Folders in XP Pro SP2

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I have recently noticed the following entries in the STARTUP Page when
I run "msconfig" in XP Pro SP2. I'll type them here under the three
headings shown in "msconfig"


default                         \default.pls     Common Startup
ipconfig                       \ipconfig                   "
IPCONGIG                  \IPCONGIG              "
NTUSER                    \NTUSER.bak          "
ntuser                         \ntuser.dat                "
ntuser.dat                  \ntuser.dat.rmbak       "
ntuser                        \ntuser.ini                   "
NTUSER.tmp            \NTUSER.tmp.LOG   "
ping                           \ping                          "
s-1-5-21-11-11760971... \s-1-5-21-11-11760971...
s-1-5-21-11-11760971... s-1-5-21-11-11760971...

When these are unclicked and the PC is re-booted , they all re-appear.
I have also searched for "Common Startup" this is not found.

N.B. the "IPCONGIG" is NOT a typo !
The LOCATION of the last 2 items is also " Common Startup"

I also have Folders :-

c:\Docs & Settings\Administrator.DTOP
c:\ " \All Users.WINDOWS

The \pss Folder contains these files:-


All these files are 1KB in size

I have run AdAware, SpyBot, MS Anti-Spy and the "trendmicro" A/V
program without discovering anything suspicious.

Any comments regarding a possible viral infection would be appreciated



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