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Is anyone noticing an increase in spam deluge about small parts of the
male anatomy?  I know this isn't unusual, but I've started getting spam
from to an address I've never posted publicly - it's an email address on
my domain, although I will have used it at some point for certain
services. Normally I use
    amazon@ mydomain
    ebay@ mydomain
etc so I can identify where is spam is coming from

This particular address @ mydomain was one I used before I adopted the
above strategy.  I've never had spam on it for 2 years.  The only thing
I've done recently is move my domain from 123reg to another host.  The
admin contact email for it is on google.  Funnily since then I got some
spam from 123reg to the problem email, and from looking at the headers
it was relayed through 123reg's own system despite me moving away
Mike News

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