Norton Subscription Client Update Error

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I have been having problems with Norton in that, for various
reasons having uninstalled (and used SymNRT) and then reinstalled NIS, I
have found that I keep getting LU1806/LU1812 "Subscription client
update" error when I run liveupdate.  It downloads a 1.4M update for the
subscription client and then fails to install it. This happens every
time I run LU. I have removed NIS from my PC twice now but get the same
problem after reinstalling.  Any ideas?  The help available on
Symantec's site on this subject doesn't fix it.   I know what people say
about Norton/Symantec but I have specific reasons for wanting to run NIS
and I don't find it bad - yes, it's large, but it doesn't actully cause
any slow-down problems on my PC: with NIS running, the system still has
its idle process at 99 percent most of the time.

Re: Norton Subscription Client Update Error

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It's been about a year since I last used NIS (it was version 2003).
Uninstall NIS and then use their rnis.exe utility (download from
Symantec) to remove further traces of it.  You still won't have a
Norton-free system but what is left in the registry shouldn't cause
problems (you can do more cleaning if you're comfortable with editing
the registry and tracing chained or dependent entries).  Then download
the latest version of LiveUpdate.  You can get it separately as a
download (from Symantec).  Install NIS but do NOT let it perform any
updates, then install the latest LU client and see if NIS now updates

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Re: Norton Subscription Client Update Error

Vanguard said ...
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Thanks.  Actually, rnis.exe seems to be for Norton 2003 and earlier
removal, I have the 2004 version which I've removed with the recommended
synNrt.exe but it doesn't solve my problem, I'm afraid.  I do have the
latest version of LU - still no go  :-(

Re: Norton Subscription Client Update Error

Sam said ...
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In case it helps anyone else, I have just followed suggestions at -
fun/#comment-4388 and this has sorted out my problem - it took a long
time to do, though, what with the many re-boots!!!

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