Norton 'Cannot Repair'

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On my Win98 computer I regularly get a box that pops up with 'CANNOT
REPAIR' surrounded by Red; 'Norton Antivirus was unable to remove virus or
other malicious code from the file...etc. and below it says 'infected with
BloodHoud.W32.EP' and the file is always something like
C:\WINDOWS\TEMP380.exe. It offers to 'quarantine' it which I always
accept. Also, looking in WINDOWS\TEMP there seems to be a whole lot of
numbered .exe files.(i.e.24281.exe,etc)  Could I get rid of these, do you
think? What are they anyway? Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Ken

Re: Norton 'Cannot Repair'

Shoogle wrote:

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   I think all of those are bogus files; check their dates; should all
be recent compared to system files.
   If you are a little quezie about the possibility of deleting a "good"
program, then the fastest way is to go to DOS and rename 3*.EXE *.XEX;
rename 2*.EXE *.XEX etc.
   This is one of a few cases where the so-called superiority of a GUI
sucks eggs.
   When you see that the operationof the computer is unchanged or
better, thenyou may feel better about deleting the XEX files.

Re: Norton 'Cannot Repair'

In Windows 98 there's noting of value in C:\Windows\Temp ... ever.
There may be some files, however, that can't be deleted from the standard

Restart your computer in safe mode and remove delete everything in the
C:\Windows\Temp folder, including any subfolders.

That may not get rid of your bug (it probably won't), but at least it'll
remove much useless junk that's probably been laying around for years.

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Re: Norton 'Cannot Repair'

To Robert, and Colon Terminus:
Thanks for your suggestions, I will try them immediately, then see if that
'Cannot Repair' thing comes up again. I'll keep you posted.  Ken

Re: Norton 'Cannot Repair'

I have cleaned up the Windows\Temp folder completely, have run my Spybot
S&D and as always AVG and Norton. I still get the 'NORTON CANNOT REPAIR'
box identifying a 'numbered' .exe file each time (always a different
number) and the suggestion to 'Quarantine' the file which I accept each
time.  This still happens several times throughout the day--it doesn't
seem to hinder any operations or programs except to be big pain in the
I still am looking for other nnnnn.exe files but can't seem to find them
even.  This is with the \TEMP file completely cleaned up!  where to next I
wonder.   Thanks guys,     Ken J.

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