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I have Norton AV 2002 on my computer and have just be renewing my
subscription every year. Should I buy a new version (Norton 2005) or is they
way I'm doing it good enough.
If I do get a new version do I un-install the old one or install the new
version right over it?

Re: Norton AV Question

I find that by shopping around I can buy the new version for the same
or less than the cost of renewing the subscription to an older
version.  The new version will take care of the installation for you.

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Re: Norton AV Question

Jim L wrote:
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since symantec no longer support nav2002, i would suggest you move on to
something newer...

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Re: Norton AV Question

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Buy Something Else

If you do buy NAV 2005 installing it "over the top" will almost
certainly be a disaster. Uninstalling 2002 first may be OK but is
still likely to end in tears. A clean install of XP from scratch
worked for me on the third reformat/reinstall of XP then getting NIS
2005 (as requested by the owner) to go in, I expect it to cause
problems again tomorrow sometime at which point I will buy a copy of
NOD 32 for the owner of the PC myself to save my sanity.

Re: Norton AV Question

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or is they
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the new

Agreed. I used NAV 2002 on a number of systems. When I tried updating
to NAV 2003 and later NAV 2004 I had a lot of problems and went back
to 2002 which took live updates fine, at least until last fall when I
too switched to NOD32.

The NAV versions after 2002 just added more bloatware and more
Symantec license checking programs which were constantly being updated
every month or so. I freed up almost 400MB when I uninstalled NAV from
the last system I had it on.


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