Norton AV Conflict with QuickBooks

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Our small company recently upgraded to Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 6.0,
and yesterday I installed Norton Internet Security 2006 on the same computer
that stores the QB company file accessed by all QB users over our small

This version of QB requires the "host" computer to run a database manager
program (QBDBMgrN.exe) in the background in order for users to access the

Issue: NIS2006 will load and run on this host computer, no problem, but when
I start the NAV scanner (Quick Scan, Full Scan or Office plug-in), I get the
following application error message from WinXP for navw32.exe :

"The instruction at "0x7c918fea" referenced memory at "0x00000010", The
memory could not be "written".   Click OK to terminate program, Click CANCEL
to debug program."

BUT: In the background, the scanner control panel pops up and NAV appears to
run just fine.    If I click either OK or CANCEL on the error message, the
message closes and the scanner shuts down.    If I do nothing, the scanner
will run to completion.

Closing QBDBMgrN.exe in Task Manager (which disables Quickbooks for all)
then starting the AV scanner gives no error message, no problems.  Thus,  I
assume QBDBMgrN.exe is the most likely culprit.

I've done the usual patch/update dance on NIS, QB & XP, also cleaned up the
registry a bit.   No change.     As predicted, both QB and Symantec's web
sites were absolutely clueless on this issue.   I knew better than to look
to Bill Gates for answers.

Sure, it's just a minor inconvenience, but I'd love to see this go away and
was curious if anyone else has seen this behavior.


Re: Norton AV Conflict with QuickBooks

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I agree, it is a rather minor inconvenience and you were wise not to call
Bill Gates.

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Re: Norton AV Conflict with QuickBooks

Uncle D.L. wrote:
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This is easy to fix.

Get rid of Norton AV. (If you can. Norton/Symantec AV is the barnacle of
software. You'll have to visit Symantec's site for special
barnacle-scrapping tools.)

Over on the microsoft.public.windowsxp.general newsgroup, there is nothing
but contempt for Norton AV. It doesn't play well with other systems, is a
resource hog, and gets in the way of much. Grisoft AVG (free) seems to be
the consensus favorite to replace Norton.

Norton's Ghost, on the other hand, gets high marks from the MVP folk (at
least for now).

Re: Norton AV Conflict with QuickBooks

"Uncle D.L." wrote:

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There is an easy fix, dump the hunk of crap software and buy some real stuff.
And for once I don't mean dump QuickBooks.  Dump Norton as fast as you can.  You
are better off catching a virus than you are running Norton!  There is a lot of
good A/V software out there.  Find something that isn't a hog and use it.

Re: Norton AV Conflict with QuickBooks

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appears to
can.  You
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lot of

Try this: .  I used Norton in 1999
or thereabouts and it was pants, money down the drain.  It gave me nothing
but error messages and stress and slowed my PC down considerably.  I've been
using nod32 since then, no problems, and it's very small, not a resource
hog.  You don't always get what you pay for, as nod32 was cheaper than


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