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I am using Windows 98SE, Norton 2002, Netscape 4.7, earthlink mailbox
and dialup service on an older IBM 300PL (that in today's terms has
limited power, etc).   I am quite comfortable with this setup as I use
it for a lot of personal things for years.

I have gone through related posts, and it appears to me that I SHOULD
try to renew and NOT upgrade; and I probably don't have the ability to
uninstall and put something else in.  I understand that the dialup
helps a lot on direct attacks, but the fear of something doing me in
from an email is a problem.  Thus the need for Norton AV.

I use Netscape for mail only (I do NOT surf the web on this machine).
The reason for the mail use is historic and I use the extensive and
decent file abilities of Netscape Mail.  I check my mail from another
computer out on the earthlink site and delete all offensive item save
any dangerous but important ones in my hold file @ earthlink.  If I
mistakenly download something like an ebay message to the IBM, I am in
a crash situation.  I have also noted that some personal email from
individuals with higher class programs, are coming through with
different looks (and an excessive size)... makes me worry about
transmitted diseases.

Aside from the problem emails, the above is just fine with me.  My
problem now is that Symantic will NOT renew my subscription (at least
that is how it sounds to me as I translate what is being said by their
rep).  They keep going back to the "not supported" issue (which they
used last year and probably the prior one also), but at least last year
they did do the subscription renewal after 5 to 7 sentences.   I must
do this by phone as I cannot access Symantic's site since it is now too
high tech for my poor old machine.

Sooo, has anyone RECENTLY been able to renew Norton 2002 AV?????


Re: Norton Anti Virus 2002

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1. I don't know of any reason that you shouldn't be able to uninstall
Norton 2002 (NAV). There is a program that you can get form the Symantec
site that will remove "most" of the NAV files and Registry entries. I
can send it to you if you can't find the version for NAV 2002.

2. Dial up Vs DSL/Cable, for the most part, the real risks are all the
same. Most malware attacks come from Email. Bad websites that install
malware are probably the 2nd most common source of PC malware problems.

3. If you think that you have to stay with NAV, most Norton users in
this group would recommend that you keep NAV 2002 and renew it. The
later versions add more and more non functional bloatware.

4. There are a lot better AV programs available that will actually speed
up your old PC by reducing the amount of resources that NAV uses (after
you get rid of it). I prefer NOD32 and use F-Prot as a backup. A lot of
posters use AVG or avast! or Kasperski's.

Good luck


Re: Norton Anti Virus 2002

Thanks Chas,
Sorry for delay in responding .. I don't go on the internet very often
and more pointedly had a devil of a time finding my original posting
(believe I have the techniques down a bit better now).
* * Chas wrote:
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I'm up to my eyeballs right now, so I will try again later today and
tomorrow to see if I can get a more agreeable Norton rep on the phone
to allow me to renew my subscriptiion.
As I mentioned, my windows etc is not up to viewing and working with
the symantic site and I will not do anything financial (like cc's) on
the internet.

Your #1: If my renewal efforts fail I will face up to switching AV
software, but I will have to wait till I get some free time in a few
weeks.  Just to protect myself,  I have downloaded the Norton AV 2002
help instructions for uninstall so I am partially prepared for an
emergency.  ???? Your reference to "Registry entries", do you think
this is the same as what I see in the instructions to uninstall as
"LiveReg"????  ??Then again, is there a problem if I do the uninstall
following the 2002's Help instructions ("start, programs, etc)??

#2 Got it, or at least I think I understand it.  I use the IBM only for
email; the ability to visit any internet site went away a good year or
two ago.  As I mentioned I check all email out on earthlink's site
using another computer (business related) and kill anything suspicious
(absolutely nothing with an attachment comes in).   Anything in a gray
area is simply put into a hold file out on earthlink.

#3 Yes, keeping NAV '02 is clearly the advice I have seen.

#4 Again a yes on your suggestions.  I came to the same conclusion as I
looked at the past posts.
Thanks again,

Re: Norton Anti Virus 2002

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LiveReg is a program that checks your Symantec programs such as NAV, NIS
etc. to make sure that you have paid for subscriptions IE Live
Registration. It's gotton very intrusive over the past few years and is
a large DL that LiveUpdate frequently wants to update!

If you don't have any Symantec Programs besides NAV and or NIS then you
can get rid of LiveReg and LiveUpdate if you dump NAV.


Re: Norton Anti Virus 2002 wrote:

    > I have gone through related posts, and it appears to me that I
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I remember ....during  those times aka  2003
The NIS 2000 can be un-installed like what I did with mine and replaced
it withNIS  2003....but my OS  for that PC was Win2000

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