Norton 2007 sucks!

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Anyway, so as usual every year I bought my Norton and installed AND
registered it
online in January.
In February I changed my internet provider from Cablecom to Swisscom.
(I'm a Brit living in Switzerland)

Already in January this worm called Driveclean kept popping up and
telling me that the "sex-pages" (like Shakespeare websites) I was
loking at would leave traces on my PC, and should it scan, etc.

Then a few days ago a window popped up saying User32.exe had been
illegally transferred and was occupying another address, and my system
wouldn't work, etc.

All this time, my Norton Liveupdates were blithely telling me that my
was absolutely healthy.

(See how they lie to us - they lie!)

So I googled and then got onto the Microsoft page which suplied a
download patch to solve the User32.exe (which happens to be a Trojan)
problem, downloaded it....

and now my Norton has shut down and told me my subscription had

So I deleted it from my PC and re-installed it yesterday, and it told
I had another 299 days to go...

And today my PC was slow to start, had to re-start about 8 times, etc.
and my Norton told me my subscription had expired completely.

So I removed it and installed a different, free anti-virus programme
on Tuesday I'm going to take the Norton package back to the shop and
I'd like to find those Symantic guys and fling the whole thing into
ugly faces.

But of course they have no mail address and their telephone number
apparently doesn't even work. And costs 16 Euros, the cheeky buggers!

Instead of Easter-holidaying, I've spent a total of 8 hours trying to
fix my PC.

But otherwise, I'm fine.


Re: Norton 2007 sucks!

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All things Symantec is bloat code anyway.... I turfed Norton Antivirus a
long time ago. I hope you resolved all your issues. Eat some easter egg
chocolate. Chocolate is good for you.

Re: Norton 2007 sucks!

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Thanks, but I'm overweight anyway, and with all those tracing cookies
Norton told me I had every time I scanned my PC, it's no wonder...

I've heard Kaspersky is supposed to be good.


Re: Norton 2007 sucks!

Switch to NOD 32 and then swear off those PORNO SITES!!!

Charlie (former Norton fan-boy)

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Re: Norton 2007 sucks!

On 18 Apr 2007 11:06:17 -0700, Roundtable wrote:

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It's better than good, as is NOD32.  I can tell you from experience
(cleaning peoples' computers on a reguar basis) that Kaspersky is top
knotch and head & shoulders above the rest of the the crowd.  Even though I
use NOD32, I have to tip my hat to Kaspersky, as it has been able to detect
and remove crap that no other AV or antimalware app was able to do.  By the
way, about 90% of the infected computers that I have cleaned have been
using Norton.  It does well in the AV-comparatives tests, but as a resident
AV it is next to worthless, as it seems to allow anything and everything on
people's systems.  

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