NOD32 vs. F-PROT?

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I've read with interest the various posts about a-v software choices. I'm
close to deciding on NOD32, but was wondering if anyone could offer a
comparison with F-PROT.


Re: NOD32 vs. F-PROT?

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choices. I'm

I've used F-Prot off and on for about 5 years.

I've always kept at least 2 different AV products installed on my
systems (only 1 full time scanner running at a time).

About two years ago I switched all of my computers over from Norton to
F-Prot except for my E-mail PC. I liked the Norton's proxy server
because it kept a lot of garbage E-mail from being downloaded.

When my Norton subscription ran out last fall I switched to NOD32 and
I've been very satisfied with it. I bought several more copies of
NOD32 and I run it on the PCs that I use to connect to the net.

I still have F-Prot installed but I use it as a backup to NOD32 on
these systems.

F-Prot is inexpensive ($29.00 USD), has a very small footprint, uses
very few resources, is fairly fast and has frequent updates and
upgrades for the life of the subscription. You can also install F-Prot
on all of you personal computers with only one license.

F-Prot is easy to install and the default settings provide adequate
protection for the average user. There are not many choices for the
full time scanner but you can configure the on demand scanner to
handle most requirements.

NOD32 has all of the features of F-Prot listed above plus a lot more.
Updates download faster. DMON monitors Internet Explorer operations,
IMON checks E-mail, NOD32 is the on demand scanner and AMON is the
full time scanner. Each of these are individually configurable. The
newest version also has a spyware monitoring feature.

NOD32 sells for $39.00 USD and you need to buy a separate copy for
each PC. They have a 5 pack for $125.00 USD which is a little steep in
my opinion.

Here's a web site that will help you setup and configure NOD32:

I'm going to keep using both programs. Hope that answers your


Re: NOD32 vs. F-PROT?

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Thanks! That's extremely helpful.

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