NOD32 - Suspend possible?

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I'm sampling NOD32 and intend to buy it but am really bogged down in
attempts to get one of my machines back onto my LAN (the one with NOD32). I
need to disengage or suspend the program so I can reconfigure the network
and load a few other programs that I think may get hung up.

Can someone please tell me how to get this done. I intend to read the entire
set of instructions but I'm working against a clock and am preoccupied with
that LAN.

Re: NOD32 - Suspend possible?

On 2006-08-07 18:17:42, "jaygreg" wrote:
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Click on the NOD32 icon.
click on the top 'expand' button "Threat Protection Modules"
 -there will be 5 modules under that:  AMON, DMON,EMON,
  IMON, NOD32.
-select each one of these in turn.  In each is a rectangular
  window with some text written in it.  Immediately UNDER
  this window on the left side you'll see a little blue square
  that should have a white check-mark in it (if there is, the
  last word in the sentence will be "enabled" for each one of these.  
 Click on it to de-select it; the check mark will disappear and
  and that will disable the feature.   You will also notice the
   blue icon in the Control Center window will change to red,
   and you will get some pop up warnings that will fade away.

Do this for each module you wish to disable.  When you do this
a warning will pop up to inform you that your protection is
disabled "do you really want to do this" so just click it anyway.

This will disengage the modules without having to shut down
the program at all.  

When you are done, just go back and click the check marks
back.  Simple as that.

Hope this helps you.


Re: NOD32 - Suspend possible?

Thanks QuincyN

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Re: NOD32 - Suspend possible?

jaygreg wrote:
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I would suspect you use MSconfig and uncheck NOD32. If you want to take
it further, you shutdown the NOD32 service program if this is an NT
based O/S it's running on.

Duane :)

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