NOD32 ownership?

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   I want to *pay* for a NOD32 subscription for someone else, set it up
for that someone (on his computer), and be able to re-new the
subscription for that someone.
   There are a few considerations:
1) I am unable to log into that person's ISP (even if i had his password
  as well as his permission, i could not afford to do so - do not ask why).
2) Messages to the NOD32 "customer support" are completely ignored.
   So, i need to know the complete details of setting up a *paid*
version on a computer.
   I also need to know that if i set it up under my ISP that will not
prevent the other person from full use, and that i can renew the
subscription even without his computer.

   Can *anyone* help?

Re: NOD32 ownership?

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AFAIK there are no issues or restrictions to doing this. Renewals are sent
to email addresses & authentication for updates/upgrades are
username/password controlled not ISP. You would get a more definitive
answer if you post to the NOD32 official forum here:


Re: NOD32 ownership?

Jim wrote:
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I suggest that you call the publisher on the phone. Unlike outfits like
Symantec, Quicken, and VCom, I found that the Eset people answer the
telephone and are very pleasant to deal with.

At the time, I was concerned about free telephone support; that's my
personal requirement for security software: if the product costs money
and they'll only support it by email, I simply won't pay them a dime for
it. Think about this -- if it's not obvious to you, think some more
about why phone support may be essential when it comes to security software.

Eset's official stated policy was to offer email support -- when I told
them why it's imperative to be able to get them on the phone, they said
that there'd be no problem helping me if I called them.

Therefore, the next time that I want to purchase an AV, I'm going to
consider them first. They've also got a nice rep.


Re: NOD32 ownership?

Robert Baer laid this down on his screen :
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I did this, just a few months ago.

I paid in my country (NL) for a subscription.
I received an e-mail from NOD32 with user-name and password.
I *forwarded* this e-mail to someone on the other side of the world
She dowloaded and installed NOD32, using the user-name
and password as forwarded by me.
She is now (also) a happy user of NOD32.

Why don't you do likewise?
Pay for a subscription.
Forward the e-mail with user-name and password to your someone else.

Go there (to his computer), download and install NOD32,
installation and settings instructions as per:

Renewal has the same procedure.
Pay for an extension (the previous subscription is registered under
*your* name).
Forward the new user-name and password to the user.
Go to the user and cut and paste the user-name and password
from your forwarded e-mail.

Why bother NOD32, when you can solve your own problem?

Groeten van WedFr(e) te A. /

Re: NOD32 ownership?

FredW wrote:

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