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Re: NOD32---FUNNY...

edgewalker said something like:
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Yeah, it's not a great thing to do, and I've myself implemented node-locking
and other anti-piracy measures in my software in the past.  I'm not a huge
fan of the eye-patch over one eye :) .

I think that the best way to put analogize my questioning this concept is
that I view the licensing of anti-piracy software to be more of a licensing
of a bike helmet.  I wouldn't need a different one per bike.  This analogy
breaks because the bike helmet protects me, and not the bike, but I also
believe that an argument that AV software does the same thing can be made,
particularly when I'm only on one machine at a time.  This is also switching
around too in my household, for odd reasons, in that my wife is also at home
now, and using the notebook at the same time, which is a new thing.

I'm fairly sure I'm just going to pay the fee for both, and next year as
well, and the year after that....if I keep NOD32.  I have a feeling though
that they would make far more money by having only one license---and that
for a household.  It's how I would position the product, because you need to
make the purchase of a product as much of a no-brainer as possible, and that
would really be a selling feature IMO.

Doesn't /anyone/ know where I can find a credit card company that emails me
the minute something is charged to my account?

Re: NOD32---FUNNY...

"Thomas G. Marshall"

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 True, but you also don't need an ongoing series of upgrades to that
helmet. You also can't use the one helmet on multiple people at the same
time. You say you wouldn't be using more than one computer at any given
point in time and I have no reason not to believe you. On the other hand,
since I don't personally know you, I also have no reason to believe that
you really will keep your word.

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 You should check:

 They have a 2-pack family user license that gives you a 20% discount. Not
exactly the second free copy of it that you were looking for, but it helps.

Rick Simon     

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Re: NOD32---FUNNY...

Rick said something like:
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Well, wait.  THAT statement is an argument for continual licensing year
after year, which is orthogonal to the issue of how many computers are
covered by a license.


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Yep, know that, but thanks anyway.

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