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I'm looking for the date when my NOD 32 will need to be
renewed and I can't find where I can find it in the program.

I am going on vacation and my memory is that it is "up" in
the summer - I'd like to renew before I leave even if it
means losing a couple of weeks.

Anyone know where I can find the date?



Re: NOD 32 renewal


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Is it in the Control Center -> NOD32 System Tools -> Information?

Re: NOD 32 renewal

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 Personally, I always hang on to the email with the ID/PW info in case I have
to reinstall it. A quick glance at the date received also gives me the
original registration date.

Rick Simon     

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Re: NOD 32 renewal

Currently the expiry date is only noted in the e-mail you received after
purchasing your license.

See the following link for more information;


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Re: NOD 32 renewal

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louise wrote:
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Retrieve License Details
Lost Username and/or Password?
That will most likely re-send the original license email. Otherwise you can
contact support (who are usually quick to respond) via:
- --
Adam Piggott, Proprietor, Proactive Services (Computing). /

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Re: NOD 32 renewal

Adam Piggott wrote:
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Thanks everyone.  You put me "on the trail" and I actually
located the email in my archives and will renew a week or
two in advance to be sure.


Re: NOD 32 renewal

louise submitted this idea :
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The last time I renewed a subscription (for a friend in
Australia), it was a matter of a couple of hours.

I purchased a renewal on the "local country website" (NL)
and there I got a screen for an on-line payment.
I did the on-line payment and within an hour I received the
new username and password by email.
I forwarded the email to my friend in AU, and she copied the data
into her NOD32 and now she can use NOD32 for another period.
The whole process took less than two (one?) hour(s).

Now I am planning to do my own renewal on the day of expiration.

Fred Wening (NL)

Re: NOD 32 renewal

The good thing about NOD32 is that you can renew and not lose any time
that is still on your old license, the renewal carries on from when the
old runs out.

FredW wrote:
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