No hiding hole for hackers in Moldova

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"Alex Yucel, identified by prosecutors as the co-creator of Blackshades RAT  
was indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit computer hacking,  
distribution of malicious software and conspiracy to commit access device  
fraud. Yucel, 24, was arrested in Moldova in November 2013 and is pending  
extradition to the U.S."

Watch out Alex. Look what the gov't did to Bradley Manning and he was a U.S.  

Jax    :)

Re: No hiding hole for hackers in Moldova

Jax wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

‘Blackshades’ Trojan Users Had It Coming

In short, Blackshades was a tool created and marketed principally for  
buyers who wouldn’t know how to hack their way out of a paper bag. From  
the Justice Department’s press release today:

“After purchasing a copy of the RAT, a user had to install the RAT on a  
victim’s computer – i.e., “infect” a victim’s computer. The infection of  
a victim’s computer could be accomplished in several ways, including by  
tricking victims into clicking on malicious links or by hiring others to  
install the RAT on victims’ computers.

The RAT contained tools known as ‘spreaders’ that helped users of the  
RAT maximize the number of infections. The spreader tools generally  
worked by using computers that had already been infected to help spread  
the RAT further to other computers. For instance, in order to lure  
additional victims to click on malicious links that would install the  
RAT on their computers, the RAT allowed cybercriminals to send those  
malicious links to others via the initial victim’s social media service,  
making it appear as if the message had come from the initial victim.”

News that the FBI and other national law enforcement organizations had  
begun rounding up Blackshades customers started surfacing online last  
week, when multiple denizens of the noob-friendly hacker forum  
Hackforums[dot]net began posting firsthand experiences of receiving a  
visit from local authorities related to their prior alleged Blackshades  
use. See the image gallery at the end of this post for a glimpse into  
the angst that accompanied that development.

There's more at the link!

*NOTE FOR DUSTIN*! One of the comments .......
May 19, 2014 at 7:49 pm
True story:

I know how those stupid kids feel, I got raided by the United States  
Secret Service about four years ago. They came right in with a search  
warrant and took my computer equipment. This is no joke, you do  
something wrong on the internet and the federal government will be  
coming in your door with a ( rubber stamped) search warrant.

So keeping this post brief as possible without a lot of information , I  
ended getting my computer and hard drives back after about 8 months. I  
wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone. Trust me it’s not a fun  
experience to go through.

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