NIS "unrecognized modules" bogus warnings from MSN Msger 7?

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Suddenly I am getting lots of warnings from Norton Internet Security
2005 like this:
 "Iexplore.exe is attempting to access the internet using one or more
unrecognized modules" ....

the choices are Block Once or Permit Once, tho it seems to remember my

Besides Iexplore, other safe programs causing warnings include wmplayer
(Windows Media), Mozilla, even the Norton programs CCAPP and LUCOMS.

Help says these msgs are caused by "Program Component Monitoring"

A full scan showed no viruses.

Just before this happened i installed
- MSN Messenger 7
- Firefox "Free Download Manager"
- Firefox extension FlashGot mass download tool
- Firefox extension SAGE RSS reader

Running Win XP SP 2, with all automatic updates


Re: NIS "unrecognized modules" bogus warnings from MSN Msger 7?

I should add:

The warning from NIS is titled "Program Control" and then says "Medium

I keep getting the warnings (ironically) for the Norton programs CCAPP
and LUCOMS, but warnings for other programs have stopped, it seems to
have remembered that I allowed them.

Re: NIS "unrecognized modules" bogus warnings from MSN Msger 7?

NIS monitors what applications are trying to access the network and
permits/allows this depending on what the user (you) tell it to do.  It
also remembers these "rules", so that is why you only had to respond
only once for each app.  NIS also has a list of apps it knows are
"safe" so it won't prompt you and just allow it access the network.
Since this list is updated via LiveUpdate, perhaps you don't have the
newest definitions OR Symantec hasn't created definitions for those
apps yet.

Anyways, seeing that message is normal behavior.

Re: NIS "unrecognized modules" bogus warnings from MSN Msger 7?

CCAPP and LUCOMS are part of NIS and have been for years, and I never
got warnings about them before. Maybe NIS or its definition files have
been corrupted?

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