New version of AVG now also available as free version

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I hope they don't mind if I provide the deep link.

The program is said to also find suspicious web sites in Google
results, but a cursory check by the publisher heise resulted in quite
old entries. Obviously, the search engine doesn't do any heuristics but
only looks up a database that doesn't keep up with the number of real

about java script infested sites, see

Gabriele Neukam

the difference is in the eye of the beholder... even history is not an
impartial judge, as it is written by the victors...
Kurt Wismer in alt.comp-anti-virus

Re: New version of AVG now also available as free version

Gabriele Neukam wrote:
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I looked at F-Secure, d/l the trial version, read the read-me, and found
it would _detect and automatically uninstall_ any existing anti-malware
program. That IMO is unacceptable.

It would be acceptable to shut down another running program , _after
asking for explicit permission_. But uninstall it? That's arrogance of a
breathtaking kind. This high-handedness make me suspicious of anything
from F-Secure.

wolf k.

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